In June 2010, I had the honour of speaking to Isaac Tigrett. Who is he you ask? The image probably gave it away. He co-founded it at 22 years old and maybe it was a case of being in the right place at the right time. Opening the Hard Rock Cafe at Mayfair in 1971 being served by ex-convicts was indeed radical. Maybe it was the 70s.

Although the original founders have already sold their shares in the business, the Hard Rock Cafe name still lives on in 191 locations in 59 countries extending into cafes and hotels. I asked him if he is happy with the direction Hard Rock has taken and you be the judge. Have a listen by clicking on his name.

I was really inspired by what he said. The tagline “Love All, Serve All” is his message of mutual respect which transcends race, religion and culture. This is probably what we sorely need in Malaysia right now.

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