I have been living at my current place for over 10 years. This is your typical link house. The neighbour on the right have gone through two changes and both times, I have been blessed with wonderful people; helpful, friendly and kind. Of course, the story has to be about the neighbour on my left. There are many stories around this one like the time they complained about the leaves from my trees falling into their garden to to them parking their car in front of my gate blocking my entrance and I can’t see oncoming cars when driving out because my vision is obscured.

The point of all this is about the people we meet every day. Some we can decide like friends and many we can’t like colleagues, church friends, relatives to neigbours. Mathew 22:39 talks not just about loving your neighbour but loving your neighbour as yourself. As yourself?! How is this humanly possible?

Why can’t the rules be different like be nice to only your nice neighbour? I know the right thing to do and it’s only the grace of God that makes me mindful of my words and actions. I am waiting for that day that I will be graceful and kind in my heart and my mind and it becomes part of my DNA. We know nothing comes from hatred and violence and you can only win in love. This only comes with prayer for me and some serious meditation. In the meantime, I am a work-in-progress. What about you?


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