So I woke up this morning in what potentially could have been a foul mood for no apparent reason. I know I am about to hit that time of month and I always monitor my emotions. To say that periods don’t affect women is a farce. That said, it can be managed but it starts with self-awareness and then action. Some days they over react. Today was one of those days. And with that feeling, I quickly filled myself with positive thoughts throughout on Facebook, Instagram and everywhere I could see it and went for a run.

That famous saying by Eleanor Roosevelt “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent” is etched deeply in my mind. Logically I know it’s the truth and yet I felt a dark cloud looming caused by that one person to many people. I wondered if my mind was going on overdrive or whether it’s instincts at play. Options were to pray, trust my instincts or feel the feeling anyway as yucky as it may be. I tried all options. Of course there’s journalling/blogging which I am doing right now.

My Facebook post had “We Rise By Lifting Others.” How could I possibly lift others when I can’t get up myself? I know the message behind that saying is that by taking the focus off me, I can lift myself in the process.

Of late, I’ve been sharing my go-to-strategy to bounce back and that is to look into my wheel of life. This is if I have put in effort in eight areas of my life; faith, fitness, friends, family, lifestyle, mental stimulation, finance and career. In fact, I’m giving that talk tomorrow. Just by checking my wheel of life, I’ll find if there were areas of my life not looked into and by doing so I develop a plan of action (except for now because I’m not in the mood. I TOLD you I know what needs to be done logically, but emotionally, that’s another story!), and get into a grateful mode of what I do have. That’s how I get my mojo back.

Sometimes it’s faster, sometimes it takes longer. And that’s ok, I’m only human. It’s just one of dem days. I’ll be feeling great tomorrow. Promise 🙂 Thanks for listening!

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