2016. What a year, eh? We can look at things beyond our control or things within our control because there sure were a lot of things happening that were beyond our control which got a lot of us breathless and spinning.

My word last year was Focus. A great word indeed because I needed it. I think sometimes I lost focus because my word was not aligned to my actions. And the only person I can fool is myself. A bit like wearing a mask. No, not as bad as pretending I live such a glamorous and perfect life spitting wise sayings without a care in the world. Yes, you get those too! More like not losing more weight because I missed an exercise session. Over 52 weeks, you’ll see the fruits of your labour or not, in this case.

So what’s my word this year? According to the Oxford dictionary, vibrant is defined as full of energy and life, bright and striking (of colour) and strong or resonating (of word). So what does it mean being vibrant in everything I do? I guess in the area of friendship/relationships I will continue to invest my energy into it with vigour and love. When it comes to my work, give it a little more than 100% on projects I choose to take part in. Other areas like finance, family, spiritual, mental, lifestyle and in fitness, just add the extra ingredient: vibrancy. Make sure you check in with me on January 1, 2018!

2016, how I love thee? You have been full of surprises. Thank you for the mind-blowing experiences. Laughter and tears, the lessons have been invaluable. I wouldn’t change you for a thing. 2017, I’m inspired!


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