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Well, this is a difficult one to write.  This year started off painfully.  I didn’t have any clear goals or maybe I did but I wasn’t motivated to do them.  I had a formula (or so I thought) on bringing my mojo back but sometimes it’s easier said than done.  It’s always about getting yourself […]

In the end, I went for six sessions (yes, I need help). Leading up to the sixth session, I could feel the effects already. My clothes were getting looser around my midriff and more firmer. This has been impossible previously despite watching my diet (maybe not very strictly) and exercising. There was definition in my […]

After coming back from a holiday where there was no restrain from food, it was time to head back for another session. The good news was there was no increase in anything. I was now getting used to the heat and after each session, I could feel new lumps on the sides of my hips […]

A week after my trip to Hair & Face Clinic to try out the BTL Treatment, I did not see many changes but I could feel it. A day after my first trip though, I could feel two clumps on the side of my hips. It felt slightly sore when touched. It was explained to […]