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If you haven’t seen the The Guardians Of The Galaxy 2, spoiler alert!  It was an enjoyable movie and it made me laugh out loud, something I haven’t done in a while.  It wasn’t anything new so to speak but they serve as great reminders in life and business.  Drax must have gotten all the […]

I’ve been speaking to a lot of people about broken relationships over the past few years. I won’t call them “failed” because we know most relationships can be solved if they really want to, that is, if BOTH parties want to. And that takes work and effort. This goes back to how love is a […]

How exactly do you teach and show honesty? I have interviewed many companies who always talk about integrity and honesty as a culture. Is it really the case and how do you measure “honesty” and “integrity”? One of the most interesting practices I have seen has to be PKT Logistics led by Dato’ Michael Tio […]

If you catch yourself saying this a little too often, you might need to ask if you’re operating at Cause or Effect. The Think@Lean In group met up with Sheila Singam of Human Equation for an afternoon to understand our Spiritual Quotient. In the process, we learned when we operate at Cause, we operate from […]

Office politics…I absolutely hate it. I hate it with a vengeance. I had this heated discussion about this topic with a friend recently. He’s giving me tactics and strategies on ways people get ahead. I stopped in my tracks because there may be elements of truth in it but I’m not sure I like the […]

It was International Women’s Day recently and a flurry of events supporting the cause happened. I participated in several myself. I’ve never felt undermined because of my gender but we know prejudices do exist from unequal numbers of women in the board to feeling unsafe because we are physically weaker. And so, we must all […]

I am now into my seventh year at my work and I am blessed to say that I still enjoy what I do. I don’t think I can say I know many people who can say that. Did everything just fall in place? Do I come to work every day loving what I do? Am […]

In June 2010, I had the honour of speaking to Isaac Tigrett. Who is he you ask? The image probably gave it away. He co-founded it at 22 years old and maybe it was a case of being in the right place at the right time. Opening the Hard Rock Cafe at Mayfair in 1971 […]

I first met Jen Siow at the end of 2013 through an exercise buddy of mine. She told me briefly about him and asked if I knew him. I have heard of his name, a veteran in the advertising industry with fashion shoots. He’s apparently photographed over 5000 models over the last 30 years. We […]

I saw this ad last month and you have to give it to John Lewis for really tugging at the heart strings (and purse strings!). Christmas or festivals in general can be wonderful or bleak-ish depending on where you are mentally. More recently, I attended the wedding of fitness instructor Noel Chelliah and SEA gold […]