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Office politics…I absolutely hate it. I hate it with a vengeance. I had this heated discussion about this topic with a friend recently. He’s giving me tactics and strategies on ways people get ahead. I stopped in my tracks because there may be elements of truth in it but I’m not sure I like the […]

It was International Women’s Day recently and a flurry of events supporting the cause happened. I participated in several myself. I’ve never felt undermined because of my gender but we know prejudices do exist from unequal numbers of women in the board to feeling unsafe because we are physically weaker. And so, we must all […]

At the tail end of my marriage (unbeknownst to me), my then husband and I were in a Bible study class and we had to outline what were the characteristics we admired about the other. I came up with a fairly generous list stating words like patience and generosity. He on the other hand could […]